How Long Does it Take to Sell a House in Phoenix?

Are you trying to sell a house in Phoenix? You may be wondering how long it will take to sell your home. It’s a question a lot of homeowners trying to sell their homes ask. 

The answer depends on a multitude of factors. Each factor has its own impact on the speed of the sale of your home. Here are those factors and how long it might be from the moment you put your house on the market until the sale closes with a buyer.

Whether or Not You Use an Agent or Realtor

You can sell your home directly to buyers yourself. You can also sell it using the services of a real estate agent or a realtor. If you attempt to sell it yourself, it may be on the market two to three times longer than if you hire an agent or realtor to sell it for you. A lot of homeowners start out trying to do “for sale by owner” signs and DIY listings, but almost always end up turning to an agent or realtor for help when they can’t sell the home themselves.

How Appealing Your Home Is

People want to see pictures of your home. They want to see how nice your home is and how it looks from outside as well as inside. If they don’t like what they see, or you haven’t posted pictures with a listing, they just won’t waste their time considering it. No pictures means that it will take much longer to sell your home. If you have an agent or realtor, they can and will take plenty of eye-catching pictures that will excite and motivate buyers to make an offer or take a tour. 


Price is key. You might have a beautiful home in Phoenix that attracts a ton of attention, but buyers may be quickly turned off by the price. When it’s a seller’s market, you might be able to get away with charging your asking price, but right now it’s a buyer’s market. That means a lot of buyers are looking to purchase a home, and they will buy with what fits their budget and appeals to them most. 

If the price you are asking doesn’t fit the current market and buyers’ budgets, your home will be on the market a very long time. Despite the fact that you want to make a little money, you might have to dip lower on the price or be willing to negotiate for much lower than you intended to go. Then your home might sell faster.

The Home Inspection and Things Awry

A home inspection is necessary for any sensible buyer who wants to avoid major home repairs in the first year of ownership. If you have an inspection completed prior to putting your home on the market, you will already know what is wrong with it and what may be a point of contention for buyers. You can choose to fix these issues to sell the home faster, or leave the issues as-is and risk the house being on the market for much longer.

The Short Answer to the Main Question

So, what does all of this mean for selling your Phoenix home? It means that there are many steps you could take prior to putting your home up for sale that can ensure a faster sale. It means that avoiding all of the above leaves your home for sale for months, possibly a few years. The fastest any home has ever sold with the help of an agent or realtor is one to two months. The slowest is three years or more. 

Of course, you do have a third option. You could sell your home to a business that buys homes outright as-is. These investors pay cash on the spot for your home, no questions asked and no inspection needed. 

The condition of the home is really not relevant to them for their intended purposes. The sale is short and sweet, closing often within a business week from the moment you decide to sell your home to them. The only downside is that you might get less than you want and you do have to move almost immediately after the sale is complete.

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